What happens to The City that changes rapidly day by day?

Seven by Seven:

San Francisco Stories


Nina is new to the city, and her friend Mikey wants to lay its beauty bare before
her, before they go to Burning Man together. Along the way we meet a homeless
man whose clever signs get him discovered as an “outsider” artist; a public defender
trying to lift his poet friend out of a deep depression with the Golden Gate
Bridge looming in the background; a young tech temp worker who can’t afford
to live anywhere, and finds dates on Tinder to put a roof over her head on the
weekends; and a wealthy young socialite, her hippie/tech billionaire grandfather,
and their immigrant event planner living as an unlikely family—but torn apart by
a marriage proposal.
With elements of comedy, drama, and romance, in a city known for its heartbreaking
beauty, Seven by Seven unfolds San Francisco in the first quarter of the
new century in a city where nothing can stay the same.
Seven by Seven
San Francisco Stories

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San Francisco. A city seven by seven miles sitting at the edge of the continent,
where the sun sets into a blanket of fog, and where triumph and tragedy mix like
martini’s and char-siu bao. A talented group of San Francisco-based filmmakers
come together to create five interconnected films that tell the story of this legendary
American city on the edge of change. Not since Robert Altman’s Short Cuts
has there been a film that portrays such a wide range of human stories. A city of
dreamers and immigrants, of old gold money, and new tech schemes, of people
living under tarps by the side of the road, and young artists finding new neighborhoods,
of bridges to the past and future. Seven by Seven captures them all.